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TRAFFIC ALERT (TA) FOR ON-DUTY FOOT PATROL POLICE OFFICERS: One of the primary risks confronting foot patrol police officers in urban settings and those patrolling turnpikes is the potential threat of motor vehicle accidents. On average, 60 on-duty foot patrol officers succumb to such accidents annually. The Foot Patrol Police Officer on Duty Traffic Alert (TA) technology addresses this hazard by notifying approaching vehicle operators about the presence of on-duty foot patrol officers. Through pre-recorded alerts broadcasted half to one full block ahead, the approaching vehicle operator is cautioned to be vigilant for the on-duty foot patrol officer. Simultaneously, the foot patrol police officer receives a timely alert through the Traffic Alert technology, prompting awareness of oncoming vehicles and ensuring they stay out of harm’s way. This synchronized communication ensures that both the approaching vehicle operator and the foot patrol police officer are well-informed and proactive in maintaining safety.

DIGITAL SCHOOL ZONE ALERT: A critical notification for approaching vehicle operators, urging heightened caution and careful driving to avert any potential accidents involving school pupils or children. Your vigilance is paramount in ensuring the safety of our young learners in the vicinity

Additional Patents I have successfully received are as follows
  1.US PATENT #:11,600,153  
   2. US PATENT #:11,610,483
.  3. US PATENT #:11,735,042
    4 US PATENT #: 11,869,357

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