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My Journey to Invention: A Biographical Account

Ever wondered about your purpose on Earth and how you can fulfill it? I certainly did. My quest to discover myself led me to the United States of America, believing that in this land, one can become the best version of themselves through hard work. Having worked as a clerk in the Nigerian Court system after high school, I found myself at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, in February 1980.

By December 1983, I proudly earned my degree in Business Administration (BSC in Marketing), followed by a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in December 1985. Seeking a better life, I moved to New Jersey in June 1988, taking up various odd jobs while relentlessly pursuing opportunities in the State job sector. Eventually, in August 1991, I secured a position with the New Jersey Department of Labor, where I have been employed ever since.

My journey as an inventor began unexpectedly during a massive snowstorm in April 1996. Observing the covered vehicles in the parking lot from my office window, an idea struck me: a device that could activate windshield wipers to clear snow. Despite someone else having patented a similar idea, this sparked my interest in inventing.

In 2000, recognizing a revenue loss due to uninsured motorists, I embarked on inventing a device to detect valid auto insurance. This effort resulted in my first patent, titled “Uninsured and or Stolen Vehicle Tracking Device” (US Patent #: 6,437,690 B1) in August 2002.


In the early 2000s, a significant number of vehicle operators were driving without valid auto insurance cards, leading to a loss of revenue for the State of New Jersey. The lack of technology within the Police Department and law enforcement made it challenging to identify operators without valid auto insurance. In March 2000, I embarked on creating a device to detect motorists lacking valid auto insurance. By August 20, 2002, I was granted my first patent titled “UNINSURED AND OR STOLEN VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICE” with US Patent #: 6,437,690 B1.

Inspired by the challenges faced by the automotive industry and the public, I delved into more inventions after reading “Motor Week.” Recognizing auto theft as a major problem, with thousands of vehicles stolen annually costing billions of dollars, I aimed to develop a device to prevent auto theft. In May 2008, my patent attorney filed an application, and by February 1, 2011, I received my second patent titled “VEHICLE SAFETY APPARATUS AND METHOD” (aka DIGITAL DRIVER’S LICENSE MOBILE APP) with US Patent #: 7,880,601 B2.

Continuing my journey of innovation, I identified additional road safety issues affecting motorists daily, such as distracted driving, road rage, and drinking while driving. I filed my third patent application on June 10, 2016, and on July 9, 2019, I obtained my third United States patent with US Patent #: 10,347,107 B1.

This discovery of my identity as an inventor in the United States is a testament to the opportunities and challenges that define this country. As I express my gratitude with a heartfelt “God Bless America,” I acknowledge that my journey of invention is far from over. Currently, I am actively working on more inventions, with additional patent applications pending with the United States Patent Office.

The three additional patents I have successfully obtained are as follows:

1. Us Patent #: 11,600,153

2. Us Patent #: 11,610, 483
3. Us Patent #: 11,735,042
Finally addition the Traffic Alert  (TA)  For foot patrol police officer/Trooper/s.  As the dashboard apparatus on the  approaching or oncoming civilian vehicle scans the  electronic wrist band worn by the foot patrol policer officer/trooper on duty,  a pre-recorded message  on the civilian vehicle dashboard apparatus is activated to alert the  civilian vehicle operator to watch out for the foot patrol police officer/trooper on duty, simultaneously, a pre-recorded message on the electronic wristband band device worn by the foot patrol officer/trooper on duty is also activated to warn the foot patrol officer/trooper on duty to watch out for the oncoming civilian vehicle ahead and to stay away from harm’s way

Our Company Mission

our mission is to pioneer groundbreaking solutions that address critical challenges in road safety and vehicle security. Fueled by a commitment to making a positive impact on society, we strive to create inventive technologies that enhance the well-being of motorists and contribute to the broader safety landscape. Our journey of innovation is driven by a passion for creating a safer, more secure environment for individuals and communities.

Our Vision

Innovations is to lead the way in revolutionizing road safety and vehicle protection. Inspired by the belief that technology can transform lives, we envision a future where our inventions significantly reduce auto theft, ensure widespread adherence to auto insurance requirements, and mitigate the various risks associated with distracted driving. Through continuous research, development, and collaboration, we aspire to be at the forefront of shaping a world where advanced solutions make roads safer for all.

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