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About Us

At Hyways Essentials, we acknowledge that a significant portion of our time is spent on the roads, 24/7. Ensuring the safety of both vehicles and the roads they traverse should be a paramount concern for all aspiring drivers. The year 2022 witnessed an alarming 42,795 motor vehicle fatalities, a figure that is deemed unacceptable.

Our mission is clear: we aim to significantly enhance the safety of every vehicle currently navigating our roads and highways, ultimately saving more lives. With the alarming annual statistics of 42,795 motor vehicle fatalities, it’s time to shift the perception of automobiles from being seen as vehicles of mass destruction to vehicles of mass transportation. Join us in making our roads safer for everyone.



Hyways Essentials envisions a safer future by revolutionizing vehicle safety and reducing motor theft, ensuring secure transportation for every journey.


Hyways Essentials’ objective is to enhance road safety and save lives by implementing cutting-edge vehicle safety technology.

How It Works:

Our app provides a user-friendly and proactive solution, empowering you to safeguard your vehicles with cutting-edge technology. Enjoy peace of mind as you take control of your vehicle’s security effortlessly.

Download the App:

Visit the App Store and download our upcoming app – it’s completely free. Sign up to create your account and get started on enhancing the security of your vehicles.

Driver License Scanning:

Scan your state-issued driver’s license during the simple onboarding process. All authorized drivers must complete this step to ensure comprehensive security.

Secure Data Handling:

Rest easy knowing that your personal details are treated with the utmost security and confidentiality. Our app employs robust measures to keep your information safe.

Vehicle Registration:

Register your vehicle seamlessly within the app. All pertinent details are securely stored for efficient monitoring and management.

Primary App Signer Control:

The primary app signer gains control over various features such as geofencing and real-time monitoring. Manage your fleet or personal vehicles with ease.

Advanced Security Measures:

In the event of an unauthorized attempt to access the vehicle, the app triggers an alarm. Take advantage of various countermeasures to promptly thwart potential theft.

Integration with Onboard Systems:

Connect the app to hardware devices integrated into the vehicle’s onboard system. This ensures a comprehensive approach to vehicle security, allowing for seamless communication between the app and the vehicle.


Our app provides a multitude of features designed to empower users with diverse functionalities, allowing them to do…


Driver License Scanning:

Utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan and extract information from the driver’s license for seamless and accurate registration.


Real-Time Vehicle Tracking:

Provides live, GPS-based tracking of the vehicle, allowing users to monitor its location in real time.


Remote Demobilization:

Enables the remote immobilization of the vehicle in case of unauthorized use or emergency situations, enhancing security and preventing theft.



Allows users to set virtual geographical boundaries, triggering alerts or actions when the vehicle enters or exits predefined areas.


Multi-User Access with Permissions:

Supports multiple user accounts with customizable permissions, allowing different levels of access based on roles within the organization.


Secure Data Encryption:

Implements robust encryption measures to safeguard sensitive driver and vehicle data from unauthorized access.


Integration with Other Systems:

Provides API or integration capabilities to seamlessly connect with other fleet management or business systems for a unified workflow.


Customizable Notifications:

Allows users to set up personalized alerts and notifications for various events, such as geofence breaches or maintenance reminders.


Emergency SOS Button:

Includes an emergency button that, when pressed, triggers immediate alerts and assistance, enhancing driver safety.

App Launching Soon.

Get ready for a revolutionary experience as we gear up to launch our highly anticipated app! Rest assured, your personal information is handled with the highest level of security.Stay tuned for the official launch date! Be among the first to experience the future of vehicle safety.